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Human Competence Cloud (HCC)

There are many specialists on the market, today it is difficult to decide which of them has the appropriate competences. We offer access to competences and people in the area of media planning and purchase in the HAAS (Humans As A Service) model.

Digital Marketing

Our specialists constantly need materials for work, this is campaigns. They will be pleased to develop a media strategy, carry out an audit, prepare a media plan and then implement it. All regularly measured and reported to support the business development of clients.

Know-how and trainings

We like to share knowledge and experience. We are also constantly learning ourselves, because this industry is changing very dynamically. If you want to gain knowledge and experience, we can help you with that.

Innovative marketing solutions

We are driven not only by personal development, but also by developing the market. That is why we are looking for solutions on the market that will become a standard in the near future. Today we are a disabled reseller of solutions in the field of performance marketing and user profiling based on psychographic profiles.

We want to be anty-trend setters. While market is becoming more and more complicated, and not transparent.

We used to work in media houses and digital agencies. Nowadays we want to focus on clients KPI and self-realization. Do not want to spent time any more on corporate administration, bosses goals, or boring meetings.

AI, Programmatic, automatizations, these trends are changing our reality, but on the other side we think it’s killing our humanity? That’s why we are sure, same as our clients, that there is no good service whiteout specialists input.


Our core value is to be fully
and independent
from media, technology or data

Since 2017

That means that we are group of people linked online to deliver high quality media and creations services. Instead an office we have online project management tools. Instead of HR management – we set up for our selfs business goals, based on clients KPIs. Instead of work life balance we do what we love and have fun doing what we do for our clients.

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