We are an independent team who like to think there are no problems we can’t solve, and no digital products we can’t build. We love to experiment with new ideas and are not afraid to try new. We just simply like to have a lot of fun while doing it.

Strengthen the team
with new competences

We create an environment for flexible cooperation for both employees and employers. Today, you don’t have to have an expensive, hard-to-maintain structure to implement your marketing strategy.

A dedicated guardian who will take care of quality

The so-called “human factor” is a common cause of failure. We recruit for our “cloud” so as to work with the best specialists who will not fail at a key moment.

Human As A Service

We live in a time of “gig economy”, more and more people with great knowledge and experience are not looking for a permanent job. Being independent, performing duties remotely, or reducing stress – these are the main motivations for work. This is a great opportunity for companies that need motivated people with specialist experience. In addition, if you do not need a person for full time, you only pay for the specialist hours used in the project.



We have no downtime, we operate regardless of time and place. That is why our services are used by companies whose business takes place in different time zones. We know that the business of many of our clients does not work only 8 hours a day for 5 days. Therefore, in special situations, we can give unlimited service.

Confidentiality of the entrusted secret

By hiring an employee, you entrust him with a lot of sensitive information for a trial period. These people are not always permanently in the company. It is similar in implementing projects with us! We use several forms of security in this area so that your company does not lose valuable knowledge due to personal changes.


We are remote

Working with clients across the globe has its pros and cons. By using tools like Slack, Clickup and video calls, we try to keep the cons to a minimum and make the distance as short as possible. This has made us really good at working remotely. As much as technology can help to build bridges across locations, it will never fully replace the face-to-face encounter (or will it?). We try to take the opportunity to meet each other in real life as much as possible, whether it’s because of project work, social happenings or larger company trips.

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